Jomda diving dredging engineering, solving the problem under water
To provide efficient, high-quality, professional and timely service
Enterprise brief introduction

Established in April 2006, Guangzhou Jiangda Diving Dredging Engineering Co., Ltd., which is a professional underwater engineering company, has independent legal personality with registered capital of fifteen million. The company's main business: installation of underwater structures, demolition, underwater cutting, welding, underwater dredging, testing, sealing, strengthening, underwater concreting, underwater blasting, caisson construction, bridge inspection, reinforcement , underwater topography survey, gate maintenance, dam safety inspections, underwater crack treatment and other works. The company has established a set of safety and quality assurance system in accordance with ISO 9001 standards and has passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. It has also obtained the certificate of underwater engineering services issued by the CCS classification societies. Guangzhou Jiangda Diving Dredging Engineering is a member unit of China Diving & Salvage Contractors Association as well as one of the industry's first group of organizations which have the diving qualifications. All the company's divers, diving inspection personnel, and diving welders have undergone formal training and have qualification certificate issued by the domestic authorities.

Since its establishment, the company has always been adhering to its tenet of "customer-oriented and credit-based" and is committed to providing efficient, high quality, professional and timely services. In recent years, the company has extended its business throughout all parts of China and has accumulated rich experience in underwater construction. It has also successfully conducted thousands of underwater constructions in power plants, shipping, water conservancy, port, bridges, municipal engineering and other industries, which were all highly appreciated and praised by the unit owners. With comprehensive and professional services, Guangzhou Jiangda Diving Dredging Engineering Co., Ltd. is ready to solve underwater problems for you, and sincerely looks forward to your cooperation for a better tomorrow!

【Core values】 high quality, high demand, high quality, high professional
【Service tenet】 professional, efficient customer first
【Business philosophy】 integrity, win-win, innovation, high efficiency
【Approach to development】improve the technological content of the construction of the project, attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents
【Development goals】 to "let customer satisfaction as the goal" to create excellent enterprises
【Service process】 to provide you with integration, specialization, take the high quality service
We only choose such an engineer
1, at least 5 years engineering experience independently 2, conforms to the engineer of a personality test The written test
3, professional engineers post skills 4, for all kinds of engineering has a unique understanding and experience

According to the test results for the induction of engineer give corresponding level measurement, and continue after induction Engineer selection rigorous earnest, nothing more - professional, experience and post character match be short of one cannot

Main project

Deep-water salvage engineering

Bottom of the gate chisel in addition to the concrete

Reservoir gate change

Water head installation
Ice under construction engineering


Underwater cutting cofferdam

Bridge reinforcement engineering

Concrete pile engineering

Submarine support maintenance

Underwater engineering


Renovation of

Trash rack before dredging

Tubes for the bottom of the sea

Steel structure engineering


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